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TB20-C, PROFINET IO Bus Coupler

The PROFINET bus coupler is designed to connect a PROFINET bus to TB20 peripheral modules.

Kod produktu: 600-180-1AA11



A functioning TB20 configuration will always require a bus coupler and at least one peripheral module, but can accommodate up to 63 modules of any kind connected in series with the bus coupler. The bus coupler supports hot-plug for replacing modules during operation.
In addition, it will recognize all connected peripheral modules and assign each module the corresponding inputs/outputs from the process image table.

PROFINET bus coupler with Power over Ethernet (PoE):

A PROFINET bus coupler version featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) will soon be available as well.
This bus coupler will make it possible to run a distributed I/O station with nothing more than an Ethernet cable.


The 24 V power supply connector, the final bus cover, and the base module are included as standard.
TB20 ToolBox makes it easy to methodically design TB20 systems. Integrated terminal mapping, system width calculations, and Current-carrying capacity monitoring all make it possible to quickly design systems without making any mistakes. 


• I/O device as per PROFINET IO (61158-6-10)
• Integrated two-port switch
• Full-duplex transmission rate of 100 Mbps
• 340 bytes of I/O data
• Up to 63 peripheral modules
• Modules can be replaced during operation (hot-plug)
• Conformance Class C
• Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)
• Automatic addressing / hot-swapping (LLDP, DCP)
• Topology discovery
• I&M data
• Diagnostic alarms, process alarms, pull/plug alarms
• Integration using GSDML file
• 24 VDC power supply
• Integrated power supply unit for powering peripheral modules (2.5 A)
• Supplies the system’s I/O voltage (24 VDC)
• 7 LEDs, two of them bi-color
• USB device port for online diagnostics, configuring parameters, setup, and firmware updates with "TB20 ToolBox"
• TB20 ToolBox simulation for setting up the I/O system without a higher-level controller in order to test the system`s 
  operation (I/O check)
• Concealed "factory reset" switch for restoring the module to its factory settings


Product Ordernumber  
TB20-C, PROFINET IO bus coupler,
comes with 24 V power supply connector, final bus cover, base module


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